11) Rosemaling

Literally “flower painting” in Norwegian. A folk art, its heyday was 1750 to 1850. The art was revived in the United States when a Norwegian immigrant, Per Lysne of Stoughton, Wisconsin started decorating woodenware: plates, cupboards and chairs with rosemaling.

My great, great, great grandfather, Aslak Nestestog, was one of the original Telemark rosemalers. He painted the interior walls of Brunkeberg Church and Nesland Church in Telemark. He painted many objects, trunks and other walls as well. His work can be seen in the first volume of “Rosemaling i Telemark” by Øystein Vesaas. I had already been rosemaling about four years when I discovered Aslak Nestestog was also a rosemaler.


Os Carpenters Chest – Honorable Mention, 2017 Vesterheim Museum Folk Art Exhibition (sold)


Os Footstool, Best of Show, Blue Ribbon, 2017 Wisconsin State Rosemaling Competition (sold)

The Red Door with Os border, 16″ plate – 2nd place 2017 Wisconsin State Rosemaling Competition

Valdres Style Cello – People’s Choice Award, 2017 Wisconsin State Rosemaling Competition

Violin – Valdres Style rosemaling for the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra fundraiser (sold)

The Battle of Kringen Bowl may be seen at the Livsreise Norwegian Heritage Center in Stoughton Wisconsin. It is part of their permanent collection. The bowl was painted as a final project during a year long apprenticeship with master rosemaler Pam Rucinski of Oshkosh WI through a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Battle of Kringen Bowl, outside profile with Prillar Guri calling the Norwegian farmers to arms. (sold)

Battle of Kringen Bowl – Gudbrandsdal rosemaling on the top and sides.

Battle of Kringen Bowl – Inside center motif

Battle of Kringen Bowl – The Scots invade

Battle of Kringen Bowl – the Norwegian farmers defeat the Scottish invaders.

Geieranger Fjord, Norway scene with Acanthus rosemaling on border. 16″ diameter plate. (sold)

Mangletre (mangle board), oil on wood. Valdres style (sold)

Sunrise, sunset bowl; oil on wood. (sold)

Detail of horse handle on Mangletre, oil on wood (sold)

Valdres Trunk, oil on wood, (sold)

2009 WYSO violin, oil on wood (sold)

Valdres style bowl with Gol Stave Church in center, oil on wood, (sold)